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व्यंग:- आखिर दोषी कौन है?

आज विजययदशमी के मौके पर ,

एक व्यंग मेरे दिमाग में अनायास चल रहा है!

पुतला शायद रावण का फूंका जायेगा,

मगर मेरे अंतःकरण में एक रावण जल रहा है|

तर्क-कुतर्क व्यापक हुआ है, हठी, मूढ़ी भी बुद्धिजीवी बना है!

आज दशहरा के मौके पर कोई सीता पक्ष तो,

कोई रावण पक्ष की पैरवी में लगा है|

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आगे पढ़ें…….


आप सभी को विजयदशी की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें,

आपको मेरी कविता अच्छी लगी है तो कमेंट करके अपनी प्रतिक्रियाएं अवश्य दें|

We are 500+ now ! IBA2017

Hey , How are you all?


Hope you all are doing great, I just got notification from WP that my blog has been completed 500 followers believe me when I started blogging that time this number was just a dream but now this is for real because of your warm love and support.

Thanks for reading my blogs and giving me such motivational comments which always push me to write more and more, due to busy schedule, I am not writing regularly, but still I am trying to write at least one post on every weekend as well as I try to read maximum posts as much as possible but still I missed plenty numbers of good posts, I am really sorry if I missed your wonderful article/poetry, I hope soon I could start blogging on a regular basis.

And one more thing you can post your blog/post link in the comment box if you are beginner like me so that I could read your new blog.I would like to clarify a few points, I hope you will take it positively– .

1- I am sorry if I ever made any candid discussion with you or you faced unvarnished comment.

2- Please never play like, follow the game, please be honest to WordPress.

3- If you are liking 10-20 posts within a minute it means you are not reading any single post as well as you are hurting the emotions of a writer.

4- Please be honest to every writer/blogger, if you are ignoring someone’s mistakes, that means you are not giving him/her a chance to improve. Please try to keep the standards and integrity of literature.

5- At last, I am sorry!Please forgive me if I am being rude and moody.Ping me by giving a comment if I haven’t followed your blog (especially for new bloggers).

Keep supporting , Love you all .

Note – Guys I have been nominated my blog for #IBA2017 so they are asking for reader testimonials/comments so please don’t forget to give positive lovely honest reviews in the fb comment plugin (Please click on fb comment button and submit testimonial ).



Thanks for reading till the end .