1st Blog Anniversary

Hello guys, Today I got a notification from WordPress that today on 27 November I have completed 1 year of blogging with 93 active blogs.Without your love and support, this number was impossible, I was little bit judgmental, criticiser and sometimes I became rude in my posts but still you people gave your warm support. because of this motivation, I have written 93 posts otherwise, believe me, I am a distracted and confused person who can’t focus on a single thing.acheivement One more thing is about my behavior, Actually couple of times I refused to post any tag/award related post but one positive point I found in those posts was introduction of author so today I would like to share my blogging journey with you people, I hope you enjoy this small story,

First of all, I would like to request you all that please don’t get me wrong because I didn’t start as an aspiring enthusiastic writer who was just looking for a platform and suddenly found WordPress and started his blogging journey, Here climax was confused just like my pen name.

In 2016, My semester exams were about to start so I was trying to focus on textbooks but surprisingly, I was wasting most of my time on twitter and on Youtube, I was wasting hours and hours by watching random videos on Youtube and was trying to tweet useful stuff to attract audience(To be Honest) but I found no one was interested to read original funny(My Illusion I don’t know, my humour was okay or not) and creative tweets then I was suggested by one of my twitter friend that I should try blogging so that your write ups will be admired. I saw a lady on twitter(can’t mention her name because she didn’t give me damn attention) she was posting really good stuff as well as she is a blogger so I followed to her to take advice but unfortunately, she didn’t even reply of my tweet. I had to start this journey without any direction, I just watched random Youtube videos and on 27th November 2016, I created this blog with a typo pen name “thinkerball”, I don’t know why I decided this name but yeah, I was excited to explore blogging world. I read the couple of blogs which were randomly recommended by WordPress, I was reading more and more blogs like I am reading any storybook. Honestly I didn’t have guts to write my own blog because I hadn’t any plan, writing idea and I am the person who never wrote a single poem in his life, technically my blog niche was not decided that’s why I jumped into offbeat, as you know I am a motivated person who loves to take challenges so I took it as challenge and wrote a Hindi post about political issue. the same day, I got reactions from many bloggers and I was shocked, that time my follower count was double zero so I didn’t expect this type of attention. I think two or three bloggers commented on my first blog post and I was totally unaware, how to react or how to reply them believe me I did a google and found random way to express thanks if someone praises your write up. I know you find it funny but this is the truth. I wrote 2-3 long posts based on social issues but still, poetry was not my cup of tea, I was pretty sure that I can only write long useless philosophy because I am master of it but can’t write sincere things like poetry and all. Again, I collected my power and I published a quickly made poetry with a different fear but within hours, I was on cloud nine because people were encouraging me by their kind words after that incident my vehicle was on the track and now Today I have completed 93 blogs. without your support and love, blogging was a nightmare.

Thanks a lot, that’s all about my journey.

Today I have another blog which is named as Shubhankar Thinks , you can visit that blog to read my latest posts.

Newbies can ask any question related to blogging or Here I am having 553* followers so this blog is open for all, those want to offer guest posts for self-promotion or wish to take guest post on their blog. (Open for collaboration)

Send me your queries at- shubhankarsharma428@gmail.com

Find me on facebook – Shubhankar Sharma

You can Follow me on twitter- Upcoming Baba

Instagram – Shubhankar Thinks

Thanks again.

44 thoughts on “1st Blog Anniversary

      1. Aye, this comment made my day.
        Yes , from starting,we are following each other but I am the looser who have read few of your posts only. Btw I am glad you liked my journey
        Thank you so much ❤❤ always stay in touch , I need such a inspirational co-blogger like you .

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sorry actually I am already running 2 offbeat blogs(this one and new one as I mentioned) , one more blog which is totally dedicated to education) and as well as every day I have to submit one to two small articles on a website. Totally messed up with my college study but
        I would love to give any guest post , tell me what should be the niche of guest post ? So that I can prepare any post .
        Hope you understand

        Liked by 1 person

      3. so nice of you , I just got notification but I would love to send that guest post via mail and I wish , you post my blog as a guest post and mention my blog link (shubhankarthinks) so that I could get benefit of black link(I know this is pure selfishness 😋)

        Liked by 1 person

      4. hi shubhankar, you write well on almost all topics be it motivation or social issue. well, i would be thankful to you if you can contribute to our ‘india insights’ catagory. thank you.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Hello , thank for appreciation. Sure I will write about Indian insight , if you have any good idea about specific topic then tell me otherwise I will find something interesting. As I noticed you used to post in English only so please tell me I should write in English or Hindi ? I am comfortable with both

        Liked by 1 person

      6. no. our author akriti wrote few posts in hindi, even i write some in hindi. it’s not about the medium but bout the content. you may choose any medium you wish to. goodluck. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

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