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#CelebratingSuper : To live a super life

As I discussed in my last post supreme court delivered a judgment on October 9 that selling of crackers will be banned in Delhi NCR till November 1.

Fact says that Delhi is the 6th most populated city of world and NCR residents are losing out almost 6 years of life because of the dangerous Air pollution levels. I am not writing this blog to promote any brand, but positive efforts and initiatives should be appreciated which has been taken by VODAFONE to overcome the major problems of Delhi NCR.

As we all know, Vodafone is the choice of 1.2 crore customers in Delhi and NCR: 1.2 crore customers use Vodafone in Delhi NCR, which is almost half the population of Delhi. Vodafone receives 1 customer appreciation every 30 seconds.


I would like to inform that Vodafone has been started a campaign which is named as #CelebratingSuper to enable us to live super life, they are making efforts to transform Delhi into a better city and Vodafone has multiple projects running simultaneously so let’s discuss those super initiatives which have been taken for betterment of city-

Air-Purifying bus shelterIn November 2016, in an event known as the Great Smog of Delhi, the air pollution spiked far beyond acceptable levels that time Vodafone started an initiative and created the first Air-Purifying bus shelter in the city so that people could breathe non-polluted air while waiting for a bus. After that, to support the #DigitalIndia Campaign, Vodafone created the first Wi-Fi Bus shelter in Gurgaon where everyone can access free Wi-Fi for 20 minutes whether a person is Vodafone customer or not. This is really very positive initiative in Delhi NCR because we all know that Delhi, a city where we can’t even find shadow while waiting for a bus and a telecom company is creating Air purify shelters for those to live super life, as well as they, are offering free Wi-Fi access for everyone which is the basic need of everyone.



Super Crackers- As we know, selling cracker is ban in Delhi NCR but still people want to celebrate Diwali with crackers, this time Vodafone found an alternate way to celebrate Green Diwali with eco-friendly crackers and crackers are named as Super crackers. Those crackers are the result of research and challenging work of researchers, those made the eco-friendly crackers. These super crackers are filled with eco-friendly plant seeds. All one needs to do is plant it and let the plant bloom. This is a matter of appreciation because one side city is facing pollution, but they want to celebrate Diwali with crackers and another side Vodafone finds an alternate way and distributing crackers on Vodafone stores. There will be Super Crackers available at our 52 Vodafone stores from 16th – 19th Oct.



Start-up empowerment – After 2014 government is continuously launching new schemes, loans for freshers to startup their own business, #StartUpIndia is one them. By result of it, vast number of people are showing their interest to initiate their startup that time some of them get failed or quit their ideas, lack of money or lack of equipment, in this critical situation, Vodafone help startups during their incubation stage by giving them Vodafone products that help them in their business in the initial days. Sometimes, the products given for free are to the tune of Rs. 2,00,000. (A few startups we have supported are Oyo and Zomato).


Free Wi-Fi Zones- We are living in the 20th century where mobile data is more important than food or anything else, especially for youth, with more than 220mn users, India is now world’s second-biggest smartphone market. as we all know, smartphones are nothing without data or internet access so every telecom company is trying to provide their 3G, 4G services in every area circle of country, In metro cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, smartphone has become basic need of every single family because they used to pay bills like electricity bill, water bills, dish recharge by using their electronic wallet so it is impossible without data ,sometimes our phone data limit get finished when we are waiting for a bus or roaming in any specific area and we can’t find any recharge shop that time we feel helpless but Vodafone is continuously working to provide a #superlife for everyone so they are providing free Wi-Fi access in Delhi NCR , There are more than 120 such hotspots across Delhi & NCR such as DLF Mall of India, Fortis Hospital, Delhi Haat, Khan Market, Airport, etc.


So that’s all about the initiatives by Vodafone which has been taken in Delhi NCR. I really appreciate these positive efforts.

Enjoy this festival season with Vodafone’s #CelebratingSuper and live a #superlife. https://www.vodafone.in/home-delhi


Shubhankar Thinks

We are 500+ now ! IBA2017

Hey , How are you all?


Hope you all are doing great, I just got notification from WP that my blog has been completed 500 followers believe me when I started blogging that time this number was just a dream but now this is for real because of your warm love and support.

Thanks for reading my blogs and giving me such motivational comments which always push me to write more and more, due to busy schedule, I am not writing regularly, but still I am trying to write at least one post on every weekend as well as I try to read maximum posts as much as possible but still I missed plenty numbers of good posts, I am really sorry if I missed your wonderful article/poetry, I hope soon I could start blogging on a regular basis.

And one more thing you can post your blog/post link in the comment box if you are beginner like me so that I could read your new blog.I would like to clarify a few points, I hope you will take it positively– .

1- I am sorry if I ever made any candid discussion with you or you faced unvarnished comment.

2- Please never play like, follow the game, please be honest to WordPress.

3- If you are liking 10-20 posts within a minute it means you are not reading any single post as well as you are hurting the emotions of a writer.

4- Please be honest to every writer/blogger, if you are ignoring someone’s mistakes, that means you are not giving him/her a chance to improve. Please try to keep the standards and integrity of literature.

5- At last, I am sorry!Please forgive me if I am being rude and moody.Ping me by giving a comment if I haven’t followed your blog (especially for new bloggers).

Keep supporting , Love you all .

Note – Guys I have been nominated my blog for #IBA2017 so they are asking for reader testimonials/comments so please don’t forget to give positive lovely honest reviews in the fb comment plugin (Please click on fb comment button and submit testimonial ).



Thanks for reading till the end .