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1st Blog Anniversary

Hello guys, Today I got a notification from WordPress that today on 27 November I have completed 1 year of blogging with 93 active blogs.Without your love and support, this number was impossible, I was little bit judgmental, criticiser and sometimes I became rude in my posts but still you people gave your warm support. because of this motivation, I have written 93 posts otherwise, believe me, I am a distracted and confused person who can’t focus on a single thing.acheivement One more thing is about my behavior, Actually couple of times I refused to post any tag/award related post but one positive point I found in those posts was introduction of author so today I would like to share my blogging journey with you people, I hope you enjoy this small story,

First of all, I would like to request you all that please don’t get me wrong because I didn’t start as an aspiring enthusiastic writer who was just looking for a platform and suddenly found WordPress and started his blogging journey, Here climax was confused just like my pen name.

In 2016, My semester exams were about to start so I was trying to focus on textbooks but surprisingly, I was wasting most of my time on twitter and on Youtube, I was wasting hours and hours by watching random videos on Youtube and was trying to tweet useful stuff to attract audience(To be Honest) but I found no one was interested to read original funny(My Illusion I don’t know, my humour was okay or not) and creative tweets then I was suggested by one of my twitter friend that I should try blogging so that your write ups will be admired. I saw a lady on twitter(can’t mention her name because she didn’t give me damn attention) she was posting really good stuff as well as she is a blogger so I followed to her to take advice but unfortunately, she didn’t even reply of my tweet. I had to start this journey without any direction, I just watched random Youtube videos and on 27th November 2016, I created this blog with a typo pen name “thinkerball”, I don’t know why I decided this name but yeah, I was excited to explore blogging world. I read the couple of blogs which were randomly recommended by WordPress, I was reading more and more blogs like I am reading any storybook. Honestly I didn’t have guts to write my own blog because I hadn’t any plan, writing idea and I am the person who never wrote a single poem in his life, technically my blog niche was not decided that’s why I jumped into offbeat, as you know I am a motivated person who loves to take challenges so I took it as challenge and wrote a Hindi post about political issue. the same day, I got reactions from many bloggers and I was shocked, that time my follower count was double zero so I didn’t expect this type of attention. I think two or three bloggers commented on my first blog post and I was totally unaware, how to react or how to reply them believe me I did a google and found random way to express thanks if someone praises your write up. I know you find it funny but this is the truth. I wrote 2-3 long posts based on social issues but still, poetry was not my cup of tea, I was pretty sure that I can only write long useless philosophy because I am master of it but can’t write sincere things like poetry and all. Again, I collected my power and I published a quickly made poetry with a different fear but within hours, I was on cloud nine because people were encouraging me by their kind words after that incident my vehicle was on the track and now Today I have completed 93 blogs. without your support and love, blogging was a nightmare.

Thanks a lot, that’s all about my journey.

Today I have another blog which is named as Shubhankar Thinks , you can visit that blog to read my latest posts.

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Thanks again.

Cashify – Nokia 7210 my Childhood Crush

As my title says, Yes ,Once upon a time, I had crush on My brother’s first mobile phone, which was named as Nokia 7210, if I remember, Java inbuilt phones were trendy those days, 1.3MP camera which was enough to capture some silly photos and browser feature was my love because that was the first time when I felt like Google is living in my hand , believe me I had to browse song’s websites and java app story only because I was afraid to make my FB account, but when my elder brother did make his Facebook profile that time I was more excited than him because everything was magical because all neighbors and friends were displaying in his people you may know list. I was not much addict to phone, but I used to play bouncing ball and snake games whenever I got back from school. I am not sure how many of you remember the name of site Wapking, which was the only time pass for us but sad point was that there was 1GB SD card was on our phone so more than 30-40 video songs can’t load on that SD card, so we had to delete some data first before downloading any new song.

If I talk about the purchasing story of that phone, me and my elder brother used to collect our small savings in a box to purchase a small budget phone but problem was that, Keeping phone in our home was not allowed so we had to make lot of excuses to convince our parents but all excuses got failed after all we succeed in our plan and final excuse was about our safety , actually my brother took admission in graduation so he used to travel from our town to other town where his Grad college was situated so he said like a sincere child “You know seldom I get late to come back home because of bad bus service that time I should have a phone so that I could inform you “ believe me this statement is “Sanjivni Booti” No one can’t deny this fact if he/she is a conscious guardian of a child. Finally, we got approval but there were terms and conditions too. Seemed like Supreme Court made any decision with a proper investigation.

Terms and conditions were like:

  • The budget was fixed (<1500 rupees), yes They were ready to gift simple black & white Nokia 1110 phone.
  • In future our study phone effects our study then the phone will be taken down.
  • We will have to increase our study hours.

Study and all were not big deal but now problem was budget, sadly we don’t want to purchase black& white phone so we decided to purchase any second-hand java inbuilt phone so one of our colony friends suggested us to purchase a Nokia 7210 which was on sale in our colony, actually some people work like a mobile OLX, those people used to have all records about selling/purchasing of second-hand phones so we met that person he said like a property dealer “Hurry Up! This is the only best phone purchase it as soon as possible otherwise you will miss this phone”, my inner soul about that phone was like “Phone is the first multimedia phone on earth, so we shouldn’t miss this auction otherwise historical phone will be missed other one will grab this opportunity”

But another side of me was being James Bond and it was like “No! don’t become so excited otherwise, he will demand higher money, so we should ignore his deal first after some days when he will again come to us then we could decrease his demand “but the childish mind can’t have patience so we went to him and said

“Bro! How much money for this phone?”

He said like a professional Baniya

“Look bro! You are my childhood buddy so 1500 rupees is final rate for you otherwise someone is ready to give 1700 but for our friendship sake I refused him”

Believe me this was a trustworthy statement which was occupying our conscious mind but an Honest innocent Indian costumer was still alive in our inner soul so we bargained a bit and finally, he got ready to give that phone at 1200 rupees. We paid him complete amount on the spot, he was counting 100 rupees notes like a cashier and our feelings were like

“Oh yes! We are now a successful Indian customer who saved total 300 rupees.”

That’s all about our first phone’s story.

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