Truth is that you were right 

Unknowingly  I blamed you 

Actually I was selfish ,

Unluckily, overthinking was my mistake and  I was wrong 

 When I had alot expectation 

And looked at you 

Because I became so agressive .

Focused , self dependent and  you are strong 

And I pushed you 

To become partner of crime 

And now I am being offensive .

I made mistakes , fault was mine 

My poetic feelings were like unmelodious song 

And I forced you 

To complete that mismatched rhyme

Cz I was so foolish .

Fine “I can’t be alone ” that problem was mine

 But I had to become selfish because life is long 

And I convinced you 

To become a supporter of mine 

Because I was so selfish .
©Confused Thoughts


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