Guest Post – Three Faces of Society

The Pradita Chronicles

Shubhankar Sharma

Blog – Confused Thoughts

I always saw the different blogs about social issues, also I analyze them today. I would like to give my opinion which comes after a case study. I don’t know if I am describing it in right manner or just throwing useless content.

Now let’s start…

First of all, we’ll talk about general social issues. It may be any riot, rape case, kidnapping, political issue, religious issue or any other type of harrasement, and so on .

After every case we just blame others for circumstances, we never try to observe the situation, we never try to make any changes. We just think that we will speak up and it will improve our social image. I am sorry, I am bitter speaker but it is the truth. I think I should cut the crap because it will distract me from the real  topic which…

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8 thoughts on “Guest Post – Three Faces of Society

    1. Thank you so much di
      My sessional exams are going on and
      As you know that I am still unwell
      😐This time I am sorry
      Another day I will do
      I had read your post that time but I kept silence because I am not in mood of writing 😁
      Btw thanks again for kindness

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      1. Hey, still unwell? Well take very good care specially now that you have exams. There’s no rush to answer my posts or even accept this nomination. Totally your call. Do well in your exams. All the best 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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