Unrequited Love 


You are free in your life 

Please don’t waste your time 

I am your addict it’s my problem 

No need to make any rhyme .

Actually I always do sinful acts 

This is issue is all about my crime .


I made that nonsense 

Cz My thoughts  were totally confused 

I won’t blame you 

You did not try to make me seduced .

I fall in love with you 

it was cause of  the theory of motion 
When you comes 

Heart can’t control it’s emotion .
If I am responsible for my circumstance

You should not be tensed about it 

I don’t expect your existence 

Even I won’t blame you ,got it .
My goal , destination, visions 

All are undecided 

But my love is remain constant 

It’s deep and still one sided . 

©Confused Thoughts 


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