Hello guys , I hope you all are doing well ,today I am going to publish my first English poem name as Wings and I dedicate my poem to all  who are daughters , sisters , friends and wife of anyone .

I wish , I can fly 

High in the sky 

My dreams are fresh 

But road map is dry .

I wish I could 

Go to the  high 

way is toughest 

But lemme try.

Concrete on street 

Darkness around me

I dont fear it cz 

Motivation is high

​i may fall I can fail 

Chances are high

I will never give up

It is my firm intention

That is why

Will never cry.

My goal is clear 

My dreams are superior

I have all strengths

I should ,I have to 

Make me satisfy 

Because my wings are 

Made to fly in the sky.

©Confused Thoughts


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